“I applied to CUNY BA because I saw the research work I wanted to do moving
in a very interdisciplinary direction.
Conor Boyle, Cultural Politics

CUNY BA organizes a variety of workshops, trainings, lectures and conferences. To further student development, we host annual Study Abroad and Applying to Graduate School Workshops. Our students and alumni are often invited to present their projects and accomplishments, as well. CUNY BA hosts book launches, art nights, photo exhibitions and panel discussions. We believe that the learning process never stops and extends well beyond the classroom. Our goal is to build a like-minded community of interdisciplinary scholars, students, friends and supporters of the program.

In 2011, CUNY BA launched its Academic Conference Series. The Series brings together a range of unique voices to debate and discuss the political, social and economic challenges of the XXI century. Past participants have included academics, journalists, political dissidents, diplomats and students. On October 18, 2013, the Series featured a panel discussion on the similarities and differences of the Arab Spring and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Among future projects is collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland on an event to present journalists covering revolutions and political upheavals. The CUNY BA Academic Conferences Series strives to contribute and broaden the academic discourse in the university.

In 2014, we launched The CUNY BA Leadership Academy to provide students with the opportunity to meet and learn from individuals who have been successful in their chosen fields. Their stories of hard work, perseverance, failures and triumphs are meant to inspire you as you plan to start or expand your own careers. The Academy also strives to connect professionals with students seeking career mentors and advice. The first event takes place April 4, 2014; click here for more.

For more information, please contact CUNY BA Academic Advisor, Rafal Szczurowski at 212.817.8225.

2012 Conference on the Political Future of Iran. Photo P. Hreska.