The following Zicklin School of Business courses are available to CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies students. No more than 3 Zicklin courses total (3000-level and above) can be taken toward your degree. You must complete all course prerequisites before you will be allowed to enroll.

If you are (or were) a Baruch student who fulfilled the course prerequisites at Baruch or by Baruch’s own transfer evaluation, you can proceed directly with your registration. If you believe you satisfied the prerequisites with equivalent courses from outside of Baruch, you can bring a copy of that transcript (or the CUNY BA academic advisement sheet, if the courses appear there) to the Chairperson of the Zicklin Department in which you wish to take courses for an evaluation.

Because there is a limit of only three Zicklin courses, you should be judicious in your selections. In the CUNYfirst course catalog you can search for other CUNY courses similar to specific Baruch courses:  Select Institution > Baruch College > Department > then choose the course that interests you and click on the course title.

A list of the other CUNY colleges that offer business-related majors can be found at the end of this page.

Stan Ross Department of Accountancy
Accountancy (ACC) courses may not be included

Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics & Finance
Finance (FIN) courses may not be included

ECO 3110 Industrial Organization and Public Policy
ECO 3220 Money and Banking
ECO 3250 International Economics
ECO 3501 Labor Economics

Department of Law
LAW 3106 Law and Entrepreneurship
LAW 3108 Law and the Internet
LAW 3111 Law and International Business
LAW 3113 Business Negotiation & Commercial Dispute Resolution
LAW 3115 Securities Law and Business Crime
LAW 3118 Law of Unfair Competition & Intellectual Property
LAW 3122 Law and the Environment
LAW 3220 Law and the Entertainment Business
LAW 4900 Law, Public Policy and Legal Theory
LAW 4905 U.S. Immigration Law & Policy

Department of Management
MGT 3120 Fundamentals of Management
MGT 3300 Management: A Behavioral Approach
MGT 3800 Management and Society
MGT 3960 Entrepreneurship Management
MGT 4400 Human Resource Management
MGT 4969 Social Entrepreneurship

Department of Marketing & International Business
MKT 3000 Marketing Foundations
MKT 3400 International Business Principles
MKT 3520 Advertising and Marketing Communications
MKT 3605 Consumer Behavior
MKT 4555 Internet Marketing
MKT 4700 Business Marketing Management

Department of Real Estate
RES 3000 Real Estate Law, Markets and Institutional Settings
RES 3650 Building Cities: Markets and Government
RES 3700 Real Estate Management
RES 3800 Real Estate Construction Process

Department of Statistics & Computer Information Systems
CIS 3100 Object-Oriented Programming I
CIS 3400 Database Management Systems I
CIS 3444 e-Business Technologies
CIS 3500 Networks & Telecomm I
CIS 3630 Multimedia: Theory and Applications
CIS 3367 Microcomputer Applications Business I
OPR 3300 Quantitative Methods for Accounting
OPR 3450 Quantitative Decision Making
STA 3154 Business Statistics II
STA 3155 Regression and Forecasting Models for Business Applications

Business/Computer Science Majors Available at the Other CUNY Colleges:

Brooklyn College:
Business Administration
Business, Management, and Finance
Information Systems
Multimedia Computing

City College:
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Management and Administration

Hunter College:
Computer Science

John Jay College:
Computer Information Systems
Public Administration

Lehman College:
Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
Computing and Management
Economics-Business Management
Health Services Administration

Medgar Evers College:
Applied Management
Computer Information Systems
Public Administration

New York City College of Technology:
Business & Technology of Fashion
Computer Systems

Queens College:
Business Administration
Computer Science

School of Professional Studies/Online Baccalaureate:
Computer Information Systems
Health Information Management

College of Staten Island:
Computer Science

York College:
Business Administration
Information Systems Management