2016 Human Rights Education and Arts Internship Program

Background on Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE):

Launched in June 2011 in New York City, ARTE is a nascent, innovative organization that uses art, design, and technology to empower young people to develop creative solutions and bring awareness to local and global human rights challenges, fostering leadership opportunities to train others. For its efforts in the fields of human rights and arts innovation, ARTE has received both local and international publicity and recognition.

In fall 2016, we will continue this work by empowering groups of high-school aged youth in a formal classroom or informal after-school setting in New York City. After voting upon and researching a human rights issue of their choosing, youth will have the opportunity to work with community muralists to produce a public mural focusing on human rights.

Major Roles of the Human Rights Education and Arts Program Intern:

The role of the ARTE Human Rights Education and the Arts Program Intern is two-fold:

First, supporting the capacity-building and growth of the organization. The ARTE intern will support the organization’s efforts in one or more of the following ways:

  • development of an evaluation system for our programs,
  • conducting relevant human rights policy research,
  • cultivating community partners and networks,
  • assisting the Executive Director in pursuing fundraising opportunities through grant-writing and other development initiatives.

Secondly, based on the skills and interests of the intern, along with the program needs of the organization, there exists potential facilitation opportunities with youth in both our classroom and out-of-class programs. This may include:

  • facilitating lesson plans from existing ARTE curriculum with youth,
  • contributing to the ARTE curriculum through research, writing, and/or editing;
  • implementing pre- and post-surveys of the ARTE curriculum.

Overall, this internship is an excellent experience for anyone seeking to learn how the foundation of a non-profit organization is built through the guidance and direction of a seasoned non-profit professional. Interns will also have the opportunity to work directly with local human rights organizations, professional mural artists, and youth-based community centers. ARTE is committed to supporting the professional development of their interns whenever possible (e.g. invitations to conferences, skills-building workshops, etc.). This is an important opportunity for anyone looking for hands-on experience working with young people in the field of human rights education, arts education, and community organizing.


Background and Experience:

  • Current college and graduate students are encouraged to apply.
  • Artists, designers, human rights educators, engineers, teachers, community organizers, researchers, data evaluators, and the technologically-savvy are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Must possess a strong interest in advocating for human rights and in arts education (including design and technology) and a passion for creating positive change in the world
  • Prior experience working with youth in a community-based and/or school setting is preferable.


Knowledge and Skills:

  • Purpose-driven, organized, and self-sufficient
  • Willingness to critically analyze their own privilege (e.g. racial, gender, ability or otherwise) and/or the privilege embedded in our society to better understand how it structurally affects the diverse communities that we work in.
  • Demonstrated communication and collaboration skills and the ability to take on and manage different projects simultaneously
  • Willingness to take initiative and contribute to the organization’s programs and development
  • Excellent computer skills, including experience with Office programs and Google sites, and social media platforms. Experience with Photoshop and other design programs and website development preferred.
  • Sense of humor and creativity

Based on the candidate’s skill set and expertise, we will determine a focus for your internship. Some possible roles include: Social Media and Communications, Fundraising and Development, and Curriculum Development.


  • Commitment of at least eight hours/week for the duration of the academic year.
  • Start date is mid-September 2016 and end date is late June 2017, but flexible if necessary. Administration will consider semester-long internships.
  • Internship can be conducted remotely, with the exception of weekly or bi-weekly intern meetings and
  • While enrollment in an academic program is not required, students are encouraged to receive course credit and/or a stipend from their institution, as ARTE is unable to provide full financial compensation at this time.