Abraham Esses: International Financial Economics / Econometric Analysis

EssesAbraham Esses
International Financial Economics / Econometric Analysis
B.A. anticipated June 2014, Summa cum Laude
Home College: Brooklyn
Mentors: Profs. Caroline Arnold, Political Science and Robert Cherry, Economics, Brooklyn
Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship
Brooklyn College Presidential Scholar
Christopher M. Kimmich Award
Dean’s List

“I aspire to understand the globalized world in which we live, as well as the interaction between political and financial sectors. Now more than ever, political reform in Shenzen, China affects the lives of people in Columbus, Ohio.”

By focusing his education on mathematical economics and international politics, Abraham Esses’ goal is to run a global macro hedge fund with a special division charged with gathering global intelligence. Such a firm, he postulates, would have the capacity to make the most informed economic decisions.

Esses completed his degree with Brooklyn College courses in Computer Science, Economics, Math and Political Science, and included a graduate-level course in database systems. In summer 2013 he attended Hebrew University studying advanced economics alongside both undergrads and graduate students.

A member of the Brooklyn math club, Esses also served in student government in several positions including president; in that role he worked with faculty and college library staff to study how to lower the costs of required college texts.

He has work experience as a stock broker for the National Securities Corporation and as a research analyst for Stone Run Capital, LLC. Most recently, he has been hired as a research assistant for Standard & Poor’s.