Andrea Liskova: Psychology in Literature

Andrea Liskova
Psychology in Literature
B.A., January 2011, Magna cum Laude
CUNY Baccalaureate Alumni Scholarship
Dean’s List
Home College:  City College
Faculty Mentor:  Prof. Harold Aram Vesser, English, City College

Andrea Liskova, a student from the Czech Republic, started college in the U.S. at Bard in 2002. She later transferred to Baruch and then City College, enrolling in CUNY BA in Spring 2009.  In her application to CUNY BA she wrote:  “Coming to New York from the Czech Republic eight years ago, I’m still amazed by the city’s diversity.  I believe that because the dynamics of multicultural environment attracted me to New York this was a sign that its expression should lie at the base of my studies.  So far I have enjoyed the great diversity of classes at City College while studying literature, psychology, creative writing, philosophy, and art history.”

Not wanting to limit her studies to just Psychology or just English, she proposed to study “Psychology in Literature,” saying, “I believe several attributes in literature and psychology overlap such as issues of communication and knowing other minds; character analysis; perception and consciousness. Studying both literature and psychology can help me develop expertise in two related but discreet fields by exploring human nature from the perspective of imagination, values, conflict and motivation, and at the same time through the psychological theories of personality, thought and development.”

Liskova has for several years worked as the Media Relations Manager for the Czech National Tourism office.  A large part of her job involves providing journalists with written editorial leads about the Czech Republic.  She also accompanies journalists on press trips to the Czech Republic – study tours designed to introduce Czech culture, arts and society to the American public.  So in addition to writing press releases and newsletters, she is responsible for one-on-one interpersonal communication.  Her CUNY BA curriculum was designed with the goal of strengthening her skills relevant to writing and human communication behavior.

Upon graduating, Liskova was accepted for a Master’s in Strategic Communications at Columbia University.  She hopes to become a leader in the communications field.