Anthropology and Energy Course at Hunter for Spring 2016

ANTHC 401.61  Anthropology & Energy

M/Th 2:45-4pm   HN C002

Prof. Leo                     Coleman

Turn on a light bulb, swipe your metrocard, fill up at the gas pump: these daily activities make each of us part of a giant technological system for the production and distribution of energy. But what social and political forces led to the development  of today’s integrated energy systems, and how do our energy-intensive lifestyles affect us, other people, and our  shared environment?  This course offers an in-depth  survey  of cultures  of energy production and consumption  in the contemporary  world,  and an opportunity to develop informed  answers to the important questions facing  us as both  city-dwellers and global  citizens. How  are diverse societies and cultures  connected by the production and consumption  of energy? How  do current  patterns of energy use shape contemporary social life and our imagination of the future?  Drawing on case-studies from the developed and the developing  world,  and examining sites of both the production and consumption  of energy, this course offers  an advanced  introduction to  the anthropology of  science &  technology  and  is an ideal  elective for students interested in environmentalism, climate change, global power & politics, or technology & society.
No departmental prerequisites—open to all interested students

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