Mentor Profile: Professor Steve Greenbaum

Professor Steve Greenbaum, Physics, Hunter College, has degrees from Clark University and Brown University, was a postdoc student at the Naval Research Lab (NRC Fellowship) and has been a member of the Hunter and CUNY Doctoral Faculties since 1983.  His … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Hongmian Gong

Professor Hongmian Gong, Associate Professor of Geography at Hunter College holds degrees in Geography from China as well as the United States.  Her research interests cover Urban Geography, GIS, Urban Transportation, and China.  Her current projects include: GPS for Household … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Allan Frei

Professor Allan Frei is Associate Professor of Geography at Hunter College and Deputy Director of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities. He received his PhD from Rutgers University (1997); served as a post-doctoral researcher and research scientist at the National … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Kenneth Erickson

Professor Kenneth Erickson, Political Science, Hunter College, specializes in Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, Democratization, Drugs and Public Policy, and Environmental and Energy Policy.  His courses include PolSc 117: Introduction to Comparative Politics, PolSc 244: Environmental and Energy Policy, PolSc … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Anthony Cioffi

Professor Anthony Cioffi, is Chair of the Construction Management and Civil Engineering program at New York City College of Technology.  Prof. Cioffi has over 25 years of engineering experience mainly as a geotechnical engineer for both small and large scale … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Sherrie L. Baver

Professor Sherrie L. Baver, Associate Professor of Political Science at City College holds degrees from Barnard College and Columbia University.  She teaches Political Science and Latin American Studies at City College and the Graduate Center of the City University of … Continued

Mentor Profile: Professor Frank Buonaiuto

Professor Frank Buonaiuto, Assistant Professor and Co-Undergraduate Environmental Studies Advisor (Earth Science) at Hunter College.  Professor Buonaiuto’s interests include oceanography, coastal processes, numerical modeling of waves, tides and sediment transport, storm surge modeling and forecasts, rip current hazards.  He teaches … Continued

John Krinsky

John Krinsky has been a professor of political science at City College since 2002.  He holds a B.A. in Religion from Swarthmore College, an M.A. in Urban Planning, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Columbia University.   His teaching and research … Continued

Gertrud Lenzer

Gertrud Lenzer is Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College and a member of the doctoral faculty in Sociology at CUNY’s Graduate Center. In 1991, she founded the sociology of children as a new field and section of the American Sociological … Continued

Jonathan Shannon

Jonathan Shannon is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Hunter College and a member of the doctoral faculty in both Anthropology and Music at CUNY’s Graduate Center. He earned his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the City University of New York Graduate … Continued

Kenneth Sherrill

Kenneth Sherrill is  Professor of Political Science at Hunter College where he served as department chair for nine years.  He is also a member of the doctoral faculty in Political Science at the CUNY Graduate Center.  His books include Power, … Continued