Kamelia Kilawan: Journalism / Religious Studies

kamelia kilawan

An interview with Kamelia Kilawan, shared with CUNY BA during her Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship journalism internship with VinaCapital Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Cassandra Florentino: Post-Colonial African Studies

Cassandra Florentino

As a Post-Colonial African Studies major, I intend to combine my knowledge about contemporary Africa, theatre and visual arts to work with children, adolescents and women in post-conflict zones in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lindsey Zeichner: United Nations Studies and Diplomacy

Lindsay Zeichner

Lindsey Zeichner has applied to the CUNY Graduate Center’s Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, saying, “I feel so strongly about the value of my CUNY education, that this is the sole graduate program to which I have applied.”

Sben Korsh: Architecture History

sben korsh

Architecture is my greatest interest. I envision submersing myself around the history and intellectual study of architecture for my life’s work. I chose to study architecture at the undergraduate level, with little intention of becoming a practicing architect. I thought the degree would help, but through CUNY BA, I will be able to study the subjects that are central to my goals in research, writing, history and curation.

Lance Werth: Classic Film History

Lance Werth

Lance Werth, Director of Program Planning and Scheduling for SHOWTIME Networks, will use his degree to write articles, plays and books inspired by Hollywood history.

Thuy Dao: Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Thuy Dao

Thuy Dao entered CUNY BA to study the intersection between business, social justice and environmentalism, saying “Social entrepreneurs seize opportunities others miss, create new approaches and advance sustainable solutions that generate social value. This interdisciplinary and holistic approach reflects my belief in empowering individuals through an economic model while working to limit environmental impact.”

William Cheung: The History of Philosophy / Continental Philosophy

william cheung

Philosophy has been a mode of thought that has captivated me since I was young. My favorite question, much to the chagrin of my parents, has always been why, why, why? Philosophy has been my escape but also a tool that animates my normal every day existence, adding color, flavor and beauty to what might become calcified, worn and routine.

Elizabeth Krawczun: Epidemiology

Elizabeth Krawczun

By concentrating on biological systems and health and disease patterns across the globe, I wish to directly assist in the effort to decrease suffering, treat illness and prevent the destruction and extinction of species.