Piotr Hreska: Photography and Writing

piotr hreska

Guided by his faculty mentor, Prof. Reiner Leist from the Hunter College Art Dept., Piotr developed his degree by merging the visual language of images with courses focused on writing skills.

Sally Abdelghafar: Global Social Justice

sally abdelghafar

Sally took a highly interdisciplinary approach to her study of global social justice. Her next step? The NY Teaching Fellowship and graduate school.

Makeba Lavan: English / Gender Studies

makeba lavan

Focusing on English and Gender Studies in CUNY BA, Makeba Lavan is a playwright and activist. Now she’s a Ph.D. student at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Eric Tam: Health Science

eric tam

Eric Tam brought his passion to CUNY BA and took his courses at four CUNY colleges.