CUNY BA is Proud to Support Alumna Sabina Ibarrola!

2014 Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow!
April 11-20, 2014 on the East Coast, visiting Brattleboro, Amherst, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, NYC, Providence & Brooklyn.

Heels on Wheels is a NYC-based group of queer femme-inine spectrum artists and organizers. The show itself consists of six performers, local acts in every city – and a dance party if you’re lucky! The 2014 Glitter Roadshow features Angel Nafis, Alvis ParsleyDamien Luxe, Heather Ács, Shomi Noise, Sabina Ibarrolaand wrangler artist Lizxnn Disaster.

NYC: Friday April 18 @ Judson Church
8pm $8-$20 sliding scale, all-ages, accessible

Brooklyn: Sunday April 20 @ Jack Studios, 7:30pm
8pm $8-$20 sliding scale, all-ages, accessible

Full info on the tour and artists is here:

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HOW14-8x11posterWe’re also fundraising to make this happen, this time using direct donations so 6% more of everyone’s $ goes directly to supporting the work: donate via PayPal using this link, or hey watch the cute fundraising video here:

The Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours the US annually with a dazzling, diverse cabaret of performance art works and acts of resistance by queer folks of femme-inine spectrum genders. The fearless artists rampage from hi-femme to femmedrogyny in a wild revue of visceral poetic performance, emotional escape plans, high femme drag, multimedia mermaids, and rocknroll you can sink your heels into!

The 2014 Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow takes place April 11-20, 2014 on the East Coast:

You can get tickets to our shows here, or as always pay cash on a sliding scale at the door:

Shomi Noise plays guitar and reads from her zine series “Building Up Emotional Muscles,” the story of her journey as a Bolivian immigrant navigating U.S. culture and finding herself through alternative music scenes. Damien Luxe’s multimedia “Femme Footprints In The Sand” plays with mermaids and powdered milk to explore thriving past poverty and trauma. Heather Ács’ “Welcome to the Waldorf Hysteria” uses multi-media high-femme drag histrionics to reach beyond language and ask, what do we gain when we lose control? Angel Nafis’ poetry celebrates the everything and everywhere of her world, of love and divinity, of her black girl brilliance in its vastness and depth. Alvis Parsley‘s heartfelt confession draws on their experiences as a genderqueer Asian while questioning the roles of institutions, authority, and the ecosystem of the arts with both humor and tenderness. Sabina Ibarrola melts down and melts hearts in a pop culture performative exploration of breaking up and breaking through with the help of karaoke and Carrie Bradshaw. This year also includes a video program including work by Louis Chavez, Kristin Li, Ellie Beth, Jacqueline Mary, and Celeste Chan.

Please tell your friends & come out to see the glitter and grit for yourself!! Don’t miss the fifth Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow!

Full details, tickets, event listings and artist info at:

Heels on Wheels 
is a Brooklyn-based group of interdisciplinary artists who create performance-based cultural works and community events that have a feminist and radical agenda, are produced from sites of femme/inine-positive queer embodiment, and reveal the power in under-represented communities. More about the event, the artists, and the Heels on Wheels here: