CUNY BA is Proud to Support Student Joygill Moriah

PressReleaseOpening on July 3rd, Superchief Gallery Presents: I Am Here (Blacking the Internet) curated by Joygill Moriah.
The work in this show represents a cracked open fire hydrant for the whole community to refresh in. Through a presentation of digitally and physically produced work, the artists in this show are dealing with the mix of cultural reference points and organic forms of producing and communicating art that have opened up since the advent of the social network. The artists featured in this show are residents of a city where the streets are littered with content and everything is a resource.

At a time where the spectacle of black existence is at most prevalent, these artists turn that spectacle on its head, NOW, crafting a meaningful presence and willingness to jump start artistic culture in an ever-changing space becomes the new goal for the internet. Either in the city itself or online, you will run into these artists again. Continue to follow these artists like your favorite music or television show but even better, continue to share their work and participate in the creative network these artists work to cultivate as they make our presence felt.

The show will run from Tuesday, July 1st- to July 14th, on 9 Clinton Street at the Superchief Gallery at Culturefix and an online gallery featuring different digital works by these artists will be created using the platform To see more work, go to