CUNY BA Manuela Agudelo Study Abroad in South Africa #CUNYBA –

My Area of Concentration (AOC) in CUNY BA  is “Social Justice through The Performing Arts”. Visiting South Africa was a life-changing, the art, culture, and breathtaking sites truly made this an enriching experience. Because of my academic focus, the rich history of social injustices with apartheid along with the resilience of the black South Africans reassured me that I chose the right AOC!

Above all, working with children at a rural school in the New Brighton Township was the biggest takeaway from the whole trip. The Xhosa children are powerful, talented and intelligent. The children always sing, whether it be while they bead, while they dance or while they walk to and from the field to the classrooms. Despite their surroundings infested with litter, dirt roads, and tiny homes they sing with their souls. On the first day of meeting them, they taught me selflessness, they taught me to always seek reasons to sing and smile.

If you are a student please do not leave college without going abroad!

Manuela Agudelo Study Abroad in South Africa - #CUNYBA