CUNY BA Shahrukh Khan Enters Amgen Scholars Program


Shahrukh Khan, CUNY Baccalaureate (CUNY BA) student from the College of Staten Island, has been accepted into one of the most prestigious undergraduate summer research programs in the nation. Mr. Khan will spend ten weeks this summer at the main campus of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, a partner site of the Amgen Scholars Program, to perform independent research under an NIH intramural scientist mentor.

Mr. Khan entered CUNY BA in Fall 2015 with a dream of becoming a doctor. The programs allows him to combine his interest in international affairs with the pursuit of medicine. Mr. Khan studies dual areas of concentration, in “Neurobiology” and “Global Affairs.”

CUNY BA is the University-wide, individualized degree. It is an exciting, versatile, rewarding degree route for highly motivated, self-directed students whose academic goals transcend traditional majors. Students create their own degree plans working directly with faculty mentors and academic advisors.