CUNY BA Students in Action! Photo Contest

scotlandWhere has your CUNY BA degree taken you? What exciting activities are you engaged in this summer? CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies invites you to submit your photographs to this summer’s CUNY BA Photo Contest:

CUNY BA Students in Action!

Submit a photo of you engaged in your work, an activity related to your degree, of your accomplishments (did you recently publish a book?) OR a picture of the CUNY BA logo traveling around the world for consideration in the contest.

To enter: Create a Flickr Account, join the CUNY BA Students in Action Group, and upload your photograph.

The CUNY BA Students in Action Photo Contest will be accepting submissions from July 3rd until September 1st, 2013. Contest winners will receive a credit to the CUNY BA online store, and their photo will be featured on the CUNY BA website.

By uploading an image to this contest, you agree to authorize CUNY Baccalaureate and those acting pursuant to its authority to re-publish this image on its website at and in other CUNY print and electronic media, including but not limited to web pages of CUNY Baccalaureate.