CUNY BA/BS Students: Making the best uses of the summer

CUNY BA/BS Students Will Be Busy This Summer!

Here is just a sampling of what some current CUNY BA/BS students plan to do this summer:

Diana Arevalo (Multi-Cultural Psychology): Arevalo will be a research assistant for the Queens College Preschool Project, studying the factors that predict Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder in some children.

Erica Bowen (Wellness Studies): Creating and teaching a yoga series and studying in Cuba for two weeks with the dance company “Contratiempo.”

Tennille De Freitas (Global Consciousness / Performing Arts):  Returning to Africa to build two new water wells with the organization she founded, EPIC.  See her website,

Yedidya Flaquer (Anthropology and Modern Economic Development/Advertising and Public Relations Media Development):  Will be interning with the U.S Department of State in Italy.

Catherine Granton (At-Risk Female Youth and Environmental Studies): Continuing to work with Prof. Cumiskey (College of Staten Island), on a project with a Staten Island Office for Children and Family Services facility. Granton created a program using the “No Child Left Inside” Act as a model. She is taking groups of young women out of the facility to the local National Park (Gateway National Recreation Area) and creating cooperative events (i.e. birdwalks, planting, etc.) with one of the NPS rangers.  This program is the first of its kind with OCFS youth in NYC.  They are also planting a garden at the facility using organic methods.  One goal is to teach ecology while also “planting” some good seeds in the young women themselves for their future.

Pam Jusino (Drama/Religious Studies):  Along with one of her Queens College drama professors and a colleague of hers, playwright Robert Montgomery, Jusino is traveling to Athens, Greece to study Oedipus At Colonus in Mr. Montgomery’s new adaptation called The Rest of Oedipus. Read about this Drama Seminar in Greece here:  This is the second summer she is traveling abroad to do a Drama seminar.

Leslie Larson (Print Coverage of Business News):  Will be helping organize a fashion show for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger on June 12, “Fighting Hunger With Style,” to take place at 7 p.m. on 92nd and Park Avenue. Gilles Montezin, designer for Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker (most notably in “Sex and the City”) will open the show with his couture pieces followed by a little black dress vintage collection produced by William Buster.  All proceeds benefit the 1 in 5 children of New York living in hunger insecurity.

Brittney Narcisse (Development Sociology):  Going on a study abroad program to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Robin Roberts (Astrophysics/Earth-Sun Connection):  Now a full-time staff member at the American Museum of Natural History Astrophysics  Department (after completing two internships there), Roberts has decided to pay her good fortune forward by offering a summer research opportunity to a sophomore at City College who showed great spark and enthusiasm in a class they had together, Descriptive Astronomy.  Roberts has introduced her to some colleagues and has secured several research projects for which she has been invited to participate; Roberts will also be a sub-advisor on one project with this student and two others who were selected for the nationally competitive National Science Foundation/Research Experiences for Undergraduates.

Jared Rodriguez (History of the Americas):   Spending the summer doing research in Brazil, partly funded by the Mellon Foundation as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. He will be researching Brazil’s first Black political party the Frente Negra Brasileira, the Brazilian Black Front which was formed in 1931, at the national archives and at several of the leading Brazilian research universities.   He will also continuing his work with Brazilian academics and activists pushing to implement and expand Affirmative Action reforms in higher education.  He will attend the Latin American Studies association conference in Rio de Janeiro, as well.

Jordan Rosenberg (Management/Market Analysis & Research):  Going on a study abroad trip to Shanghai where he will take classes in introductory mandarin and Chinese business.

Larissa Simpson (Women’s Perspectives in the Film Industry):  Her modeling agency ( is sending her to Tokyo for 2 months.

Marina Tsaplina (Puppetry/Time-Based Storytelling):  Will attend the Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference in Connecticut, a two-week intensive workshop-conference for puppetry and puppeteers.