CUNY Baccalaureate is Now on InYourClass!

iyc We here at CUNY Baccalaureate are excited to be participating in a CUNY pilot program this spring of the Beta version of InYourClass, a unique academic/social networking service developed by CUNY students.  The pilot is now underway and expands the fall pilot of four CUNY colleges (Kingsborough, CCNY, Lehman College, and the School of Professional Studies) to nine in total (now including Brooklyn, CUNY BA, John Jay, Macaulay Honors and York).

InYourClass is not a replacement for Blackboard, but a very useful supplement to it.  InYourClass connects students with their classmates, professors, group members, and other students with similar interests.  There are numerous features that may interest you, such as the ability to see who is in your classes at participating campuses, discuss assignments with your classmates online, ask questions of a participating faculty member,  create and participate in groups sharing your interests, store and share files with friends, buy and sell books, and view campus listings and announcements on an online campus bulletin board.

InYourClass is going to be a particularly valuable tool for the CUNY Baccalaureate community as it is our first virtual space.  We hope that you will take advantage of the features mentioned above and also think of new and creative ways to use it – isn’t that CUNY Baccalaureate students are known for?  So create a group for students who share your academic interests and areas of concentration, ask classmates for recommendations – classes, mentors, departments – and find other CUNY Baccalaureate students on the campuses where you are taking classes.  We’ll even add some special academic advising content and important announcements during the semester.

We hope that InYourClass will help you develop and expand the community you have at CUNY Baccalaureate, allowing you to stay connected from any location.  I encourage you to explore the features of InYourClass by logging in at, using your CUNY Portal account. You will find your course information already uploaded so connecting with your classmates can take place immediately.

I hope you enjoy the features of this new service, and I wish you all the best for the spring semester.