CUNY Launches Global Search Tool

We are pleased to share the news that CUNY has developed a new Global Search tool for students.

Unlike the existing class schedule available in CUNYfirst, Global Search accommodates searches for courses across multiple CUNY colleges instead of just one college at a time. In addition to searching any selection of colleges (or across all of them), Global Search allows searching by mode of instruction (such as fully online or hybrid as well as in-person), general education category, and subject area. Searches give live information on the courses searched for, including course description, instructor, availability, and enrollment.

This new tool, allowing searches for courses across all the CUNY colleges, will give students more range and flexibility in finding and scheduling the courses they need, and so will help them accelerate their academic momentum and shorten the time it takes them to earn their degrees.

An initial FAQ (or list of frequently asked questions) for the Global Search is available to help students become familiar with the tool and its use. Search results will be live data in CUNYfirst, but the tool exists outside of CUNYfirst, meaning that one does not need to be logged in to us it. Students will still need to log in to CUNYfirst register. The FAQ also refers the students to a “how to register for a course” page for help. To register for courses at other colleges, students will need to go through the ePermit process.