CUNY SPS 2016 Winter Session Courses

CUNY’s School of Professional Studies will be offering the following online courses during the winter session (they will run from 1/4 through 1/25). Students will need to submit ePermits and have them approved in order to register.

BUS 200 Introduction to Business

BUS 335 Operations Management

CM 311 – Writing for New Electronic Media

DSAB 242 – Disability and Mass Media

DSAB 332 – Introduction to Crisis-Intervention and Safety

FLM 307 – Film Literacies: Communicating Culture Through Film
Flexible Core – Creative Expression

HIM 205 – Healthcare Delivery Systems

MATH 102 – Mathematics in Contemporary Society
Required Core – Mathematical& Quantitative Reasoning

PHIL 110 – Critical Thinking
Flexible Core – Individual and Society

PLA 300 – Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment

PSY 101 – General Psychology
Flexible Core – Scientific World

SOC 203 – Race, Class and Gender

SPAN 101 – Beginning Spanish I
Flexible Core- World Cultures & Global Issues

Their Spring 2016 online general education courses can be found here: