CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship: Deadline – Friday, June 29, 2018

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The Thomas Tam Scholarship is funded by an endowment established by the City University of New York in recognition of Dr. Thomas Tam’s contributions as a former member of the CUNY Board of Trustees, founding Executive Director of the Asian American / Asian Research Institute, and leadership in the Asian American community. Since 2008, the Tam Scholarship awards $1,000 to an individual qualified undergraduate student that is currently enrolled at any of the twenty-one colleges within CUNY, Asian or non-Asian, who has demonstrated creativity in the communication of the concerns of the Asian American community in areas such as health, education, culture, media and advocacy.

CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship

The CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship recipient will be honored at AAARI’s 17th annual gala in Fall 2018.


Application Guidelines

Deadline: Friday, June 29, 2018
Eligibility: All currently enrolled CUNY undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the Thomas Tam Scholarship.
Display of communication of the concerns of the Asian American community can be in the form of written reports, film, video, new media techniques, and the development of performances or materials in the arts and sciences.

The following are the issues to be addressed in your application for the Tam Scholarship. Please be sure to cover all of the points in your application:

  • Please describe your project in detail, be sure to tell us about the issue of concern to the Asian American community that the project is designed to address.
  • Please explain how your project demonstrates creativity in communicating the concerns of Asian Americans.
  • What are the objectives or goals of the project, i.e. what do you want to accomplish, or what impact or effect will it have? How will you know that it has been successful?
  • How was the project implemented, or if in progress or a future project, please describe how it will be implemented?
  • Is the project completed, is it in progress or is it a future project?