Cutting Edge: An Interdisciplinary Journal

A call for papers for:

Cutting Edge: An Interdisciplinary Journal

A new online journal of the  Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cutting Edge is a student-edited and peer-reviewed journal facilitating a community of discourse among students engaged in interdisciplinary research both locally and globally. The journal provides a forum in which to argue, synthesize, report and critique current issues in interdisciplinary theory and practice, and a site for interdisciplinary works from all disciplines.

Cutting Edge is soliciting manuscripts on students’ reflections on past, recent and current aspects of interdisciplinary research, as well as thoughts on the future of interdisciplinary studies. This can include papers which use interdisciplinary methodologies and papers that focus on interdisciplinarity as an intellectual focus.

The key factor, though, is to what extent your work represents a Cutting Edge in your field on inquiry. To what extent does your work “cut” a new opening in your field of inquiry or create a new intellectual space in which emerging methods, models and paradigms can be constructed. And what is “edgy” about your work? We welcome work that is provocative, eye-catching, even disturbing. The journal will accept papers in multiple formats and of different lengths, including:


  • Ø  Reports of empirical research
  • Ø  Poetry
  • Ø  Conceptual and theoretical issues in interdisciplinarity
  • Ø  Audio clips
  • Ø  Book reviews
  • Ø  Video clips
  • Ø  Literature reviews
  • Ø  Photographs
  • Ø  Biographies
  • Ø  Graphics
  • Ø  Interviews
  • Ø  Blogs
  • Ø  Policy analyses
  • Ø   

Written submissions should be a maximum of 1300-2000 words in length and will be peer-reviewed by our editorial committee. Word limits are exclusive of footnotes and bibliography. The first footnote should include a short statement (maximum four lines) about you, including faculty, university, and any information pertinent to your submission.  The footnote will be removed, along with the author’s name, before the article is peer-reviewed to facilitate anonymity, but will be included when the article is published online.  Please submit a 200 word abstract of your submission as soon as possible.

The deadline for submission is 15 July 2011

Submissions to the journal may not be under review or currently published by another publication or under copyright elsewhere.  The papers and references must be consistent with either APA or MLA style guidelines. There is no charge for submission and publication. Contributions should be submitted through email at indicating ‘Cutting Edge’ in the subject line.


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