Diane Kolack: Sustainable Food Studies

Diane Kolack:  Sustainable Food Studies

Her Faculty Mentor:  Prof. Jonathan Deutsch, Tourism and Hospitality, Kingsborough Community College, and Public Health, CUNY Graduate Center

Her Area of Concentration:

Baruch College   ENG 2150   Food Glorious Food: Sustainable Agriculture and Social Justice Issues

Baruch College   PAF 9143   Greening and Growing Cities: Sustainability and Public Policy Choices

Brooklyn College HNTR 7131 Recent Developments in Foods (Graduate Level)

City Tech              HM 303      Culinary Arts II

City Tech              HM 503      Advanced Culinary Arts

Grad Center        HEA 999     Independent Study (Sustainable Food Studies)

Hunter College    GEOG 383  Environmental Ethics: Eating, Agriculture and Biotechnology

Hunter College    PHIL 77080 Food Policy and Politics (Graduate Level)

Hunter College   SOC 314      Culture and Consumption

York College       ANTH 315   Hunger and Agriculture in Developing Nations

Her work:  Diane Kolack came to CUNY Baccalaureate with nine years of working and volunteering in the areas of sustainable food, law and politics.  She holds a certificate in holistic health and nutrition, has taught cooking from a natural foods perspective, has studied the psychology of food and the diets of different cultures and regions, and has a prior interfaith seminary education which influences the way she thinks of social justice issues.  In this degree she is studying the social, economic, cultural and psychological factors that have influenced food consumption practices and patterns, as well as the environmental, ethical and economic factors in food production and distribution.  Concurrent with her studies at seminary, she founded the Sunnyside Community Agriculture (CSA) group [http://www.eatwellguide.org/i.php?id=spotlight_sunnysidecsa], which supports organic farmers on Long Island.  She is also a member of a group of community leaders and other CUNY students which is developing the Queens Harvest Food Co-op [http://www.queensharvestcoop.com] near the largest public housing development in the city, which lacks supermarkets and high quality food at affordable prices.  Kolack hopes to leverage her unique degree in a position in the public or private sector, working to improve the food system for all people.