Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

DMI Scholars is a “Public Policy 101” for young people who want to keep our country moving forward.  The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI) is a think tank staffed by progressives who want to drive public policy, not just lament its failures.  We created DMI Scholars to cultivate a new generation of leaders bringing their activism to public policy careers in government, think tanks, campaigns and advocacy.  Our Summer Institute for DMI Scholars will be in New York City from July 24- August 14, 2011.  For our 2011 class of DMI Scholars, we are seeking college sophomores, juniors and seniors attending college in the NYC metro area.  There, you will learn to approach problems through a policy lens and meet people on the frontlines fighting for fair and just public policy.  After our intensive summer training, we will help you explore careers in this field through internships with our partners. 

Application:  DMI Scholars Application

What is the DMI Scholars Program?

The DMI Scholars program addresses one of the most critical challenges facing the progressive movement today: the lack of a pipeline dedicated to supporting and guiding talented young people into the field of public policy. DMI Scholars identifies progressive college students from diverse communities and trains them in the skills necessary to obtain and succeed in entry-level public policy positions .

What is the Mission of DMI Scholars?

Our mission is to increase and diversify the pool of strong candidates for key professions in the field, better equipping the movement for social change to affect reforms on a policy level.

What is the DMI Scholars Summer Institute?

DMI Scholars centers around our Summer Institute. The Summer Institute is a “Public Policy 101,” training DMI Scholars to work on solutions to real problems through a public policy lens, and providing the practical experience you need to successfully enter and navigate the fascinating world of public policy.

Who should apply to DMI Scholars?

For our 2011 class of DMI Scholars, we are seeking college sophomores, juniors and seniors attending college in the NYC metro area. DMI Scholars are sharp, creative college sophomores and juniors who are passionate about changing the world and have strong communication skills, and an interest in exploring public policy as a vehicle for their activism. You do not need a background in public policy. We strongly encourage students of color, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, and students from low-income and working class backgrounds to apply.

What will it cost me to participate in DMI Scholars?

There is no fee for applying or participating in the program. While you are in NYC for the three-week Summer Institute, your local transportation and meals, as well as any other program-related expenses, will be covered.

Housing will be provided for those that do not have their own housing. You may wish to have some money for activities on the few evenings you will have off.

What are the requirements to apply to DMI Scholars?

• You must be a sophomore, junior or senior enrolled in an accredited college or university in the New York metropolitan area.

• You must be able to demonstrate a commitment to your progressive values by your activities.

• You must be able to attend an in person interview in NYC if you become a finalist candidate, March 21-25 2011.

• You must be able to attend our summer Institute from July 24-August 14, 2010 and be at least 18 years old and no older that 25 years by then.

• If you are asked to continue on the DMI Scholars path to a career in public policy after the Summer Institute, you must be able to attend monthly in-person trainings for the following academic year. We will schedule trainings so as to not conflict with classes.

What will I get out of the Summer Institute?

• Interaction with other activists who also want to change the world and work in public policy.

• Training to think, write and speak about important issues like immigration, LGBTQ rights, or the minimum wage through a policy lens.

• A rare opportunity to learn from leaders on the frontlines why it’s important for young activists like you to join the movement for progress through public policy.

What is my commitment when I become a DMI Scholar?

Your commitment is to 1. Complete the pre-training reading and writing assignments, 2. Attend the three-week Summer Institute in New York City July 24- August 14, 2011, and 3. If you are asked to continue in the program, attend monthly in-person trainings throughout the following academic year.

What happens after the Summer Institute?

If you successfully complete our Summer Institute and decide to explore careers in public policy, we will help you to find the people and opportunities, through ongoing training and internships, to launch your career.