Elizabeth Krawczun: Epidemiology

KrawczunElizabeth Krawczun
B.A. anticipated June 2014
Home College: College of Staten Island (CSI)
Mentor: Prof. Cary Karacas, Political Science, College of Staten Island
Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship
CUNY-Japan Kakehashi Program
President, National Society of Collegiate Scholars,CSI
CSI-Verrazano Honors Program
CSI-Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship
CSI-Emerging Leaders Program
CSI-STEAM Scholarship
Dean’s List

Elizabeth Krawczun declared electrical engineering as her major at Stevens Institute of Technology. After leaving Stevens and having no declared major for a year, she found herself preferring to learn about the cultural, biological and medical revolutions around the world that would constitute a study of epidemiology. “By concentrating on biological systems and health and disease patterns across the globe, I wish to directly assist in the effort to decrease suffering, treat illness and prevent the destruction and extinction of species.”

Krawczun completed her degree with courses in anthropology, biology and geography at the College of Staten Island, Brooklyn and Hunter. She has served as a volunteer at the South Beach Psychiatric Center for over three years, working on data collection within the infection control department. Last winter she studied abroad through Brooklyn College in a global health program in rural India, and this January, she traveled through Macaulay Honors College to the Dominican Republic to study health and water sustainaKrawczun2bility. Her other academic international travel includes last summer’s CUNY Kakehashi program to Japan, where she learned about Japanese past and present cultures.

In 2013 she participated in the CUNY Summer Undergraduate Research Program working under Prof. Heidi Jones, Hunter School of Public Health, studying hospital clinical methods of treatment of female patients across the U.S. and Canada. Her other experience includes working in a vascular kinetics lab at Drexel University and completing a health practicum at Richmond University Medical Center.

Krawczun has been accepted into two graduate programs in the UK this fall, and will make her final decision to study Epidemiology at Imperial College London or Medical Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh.

Her mentor has praised her highly, saying she is the best student he has had the honor of teaching at CSI. Prof. Karacas is a cultural geographer who specializes in modern Japan and has written extensively on catastrophe and loss of Japanese citizens since the bombings of Japan in WW II. With degrees in Ecology and Geography, he was an ideal and hands-on mentor for Krawczun.