Fall 2014 New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 26th at 5:45pm in the Elebash Recital Hall at the CUNY Graduate Center (first floor).  Please make every effort to attend as important information will be shared by CUNY Baccalaureate staff and students.

Our student speaker, Jeffrey Kasper, is a senior matriculated at City College. He is a CUNY BA – Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellow, and his Area of Concentration is The History, Theory and Politics of Urbanism. In creating this interdisciplinary area, so far, he has taken courses in Art, Architecture, Political Science, Sociology and Urban Design, and through work outside the classroom, he has been active in arts and cultural advocacy, community building, social justice, civic engagement and sustainability. Jeffrey will be joined on stage by his mentor, Professor Marta Gutman, a faculty member in the City College School of Architecture. Prof. Gutman is an historian and licensed architect, and she teaches architectural and urban history. Her research centers on the life of ordinary buildings and neighborhoods, the history of cities, and issues of gender, class, race, and childhood in everyday urban spaces. She is the author of numerous books and articles, and she is also Co-editor of Buildings & Landscapes: The Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum.