Four CUNY BA Students win CUNY Chancellor’s Global Scholarship

CUNY BA congratulates Sujoy Manir, Ashleigh Robinson, Maftuna Saidova and Erika Santos on receiving the CUNY Chancellor’s Global Scholarship to study abroad in the winter and spring 2018 terms. Sujoy will attend Brooklyn College’s Public Health program in Jamkhed, Maharashtra, India this January. Ashleigh will attend the University of Canberra in Australia through the College of Staten Island for the spring semester. Maftuna will attend Brooklyn College’s Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Cambodia program this January. Erika will attend Hunter College’s Argentina program this January.

As part of CUNY’s commitment to “[widen] the pipeline of language training, study abroad, and cross-cultural learning and collaboration for all students” (The Connected University, CUNY Master Plan 2016-2020), the Chancellor’s Global Scholarship provides partial funding on a competitive basis to CUNY students planning a study abroad experience. Funding for these scholarships is provided by the University Office of Academic Affairs and the SEEK program under the auspices of the University Office of Special Programs.