Immigrant Justice Corps Community Fellowship Application is Now Open

Immigrant Justice Corps Community Fellowship Application is Now Open!

Immigrant Justice Corps Community Fellowship Application

About Immigrant Justice Corps:

Immigrant Justice Corps (“IJC”), is the nation’s first and only immigration legal fellowship program. IJC seeks to expand access to counsel by increasing the quantity of immigration lawyers and the quality of the immigration bar. Each year IJC recruits talented young lawyers (“Justice Fellows”) and college graduates (“Community Fellows”) many of whom are first-generation immigrants and bi-lingual graduates from the country’s top universities, for a two-year fellowship.

IJC trains Fellows to be experts in immigration law and pairs them with leading non-profit legal services providers and community based organizations in New York City, Long Island, the Lower Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas to provide legal services to low income immigrants.

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The Fellows provide a broad range of immigration services including deportation defense, applications for asylum, naturalization, green cards and other forms of relief available to juveniles and victims of crime, domestic violence or human trafficking. Quality legal assistance allows immigrants to avoid deportation and separation of families. Immigrants who can to improve their legal status are better able to gain lawful employment, receive financial aid to college, access health care and live stable, productive lives in the United States.


IJC is infusing the legal profession with a new generation of lawyers and advocates committed to providing high quality representation and innovative thinking about the delivery of legal services to a vulnerable population, including the use of new technologies.

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About the Community Fellowship

Community Fellows are recent college graduates who conduct outreach and legal intake in underserved neighborhoods in and around New York. Community Fellowships run for two years, at a salary of $38,000 per year plus benefits. Fellows will be trained by Immigrant Justice Corps at the start of their fellowship and will meet as a group throughout the course of the fellowship for professional development, skills training, and support. The Immigrant Justice Corps Fellowship provides an excellent experience for recent graduates considering a career in law and/or immigrant rights advocacy.

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Community Fellows work 40 hours a week, which may include weekend and evening hours to meet the needs of immigrants. They screen immigrants for legal relief, and help them file applications for citizenship, green cards, DACA, and more. Community Fellows will become Board of Immigration Appeals accredited representatives. Community Fellows are placed in community-based host organizations in and around New York City, and their work is directly supervised by Immigrant Justice Corps’ staff attorneys. Flexibility, a strong work ethic, and a good attitude are necessary characteristics for Community Fellows.

IJC seeks Fellows who are smart, compassionate, and passionate about justice for immigrants. IJC also seeks Fellows dedicated to the idea of a Fellowship program – you give us two years of hard work and we will make sure you will be immersed in immigration law and helping others who likely would not have had an attorney or advocate otherwise. Almost all IJC Fellows speak a language in addition to English.
Because our Fellows are placed at many different partnering host organizations every Fellow’s experience is unique. Community Fellows work on a high volume of “light touch” cases. That means Community Fellows spend most days meeting with clients, conducting screenings and completing applications. The most common types of applications that Community Fellows work on are applications for naturalization, DACA, green card renewals, and Temporary Protected Status.

The application deadline is Thursday, March 15, 2018.
Every component of your application must be submitted by Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m., EST

Webinar Sessions:
Throughout the application period, we will be hosting a series of informative webinars for individuals interested in applying for the Class of 2018 Community Fellowship.  During the webinars, staff will lead a discussion on the elements of IJC’s Community Fellow program, current Community Fellows will share their experiences, and interested applicants will have an opportunity to ask questions.

For more information on our webinar sessions, including the current schedule, visit our Community Fellow Application page on our website here.