Joyce Theater Internship: Deadline Feb 15


The Joyce Theater Foundation Arts Administration Internship 2016

About The Joyce Theater Foundation

The Joyce Theater Foundation (The Joyce), a nonprofit organization, has proudly served the dance community for over three decades. Under the direction of founders Cora Cahan and Eliot Feld, Ballet Tech Foundation acquired and The Joyce renovated the Elgin Theater in Chelsea. Opening as The Joyce Theater in 1982, it was named in honor of Joyce Mertz, beloved daughter of LuEsther T. Mertz. It was LuEsther’s clear, undaunted vision and abundant generosity that made it imaginable and ultimately possible to build the theater. Ownership was secured by The Joyce in 2015. The theater is one of the only theaters built by dancers for dance and has provided an intimate and elegant home for over 385 U.S.-based and international companies. The Joyce has also presented dance at Lincoln Center since 2012, and launched Joyce Unleashed in 2014 to feature emerging and experimental artists. The Joyce operates Dance Art New York (DANY) Studios, making its nine studios available at subsidized rates for nonprofit dance companies. To further support the creation of new work, The Joyce maintains longstanding commissioning and residency programs. Local students and teachers (K–12th grade) benefit from its school program, and family and adult audiences get closer to dance with access to artists. The Joyce’s annual season of about 48 weeks of dance now includes over 340 performances for audiences in excess of 150,000. Visit for more information.

Internship description

The Joyce Theater Foundation is committed to cultivating the next generation of arts administrators. This internship seeks to promote diversity in the field of arts administration and offer students from a wide variety of backgrounds access opportunities in arts administration and management.

This is a 13-week program beginning on February 22, and runs through on May 28, 2016. Interns receive a stipend totaling $5,000 based on the completion of their work and hours, and satisfactory finalization of program requirements.

In its review of candidates, preference will be given to students from underrepresented backgrounds in the field, e.g. individuals of African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latina/o, Native American descent, or a persons with a disability.

Interns will rotate through departments, interact one-on-one with senior-level executives and engage in real-world experiences. Students are immersed in an active work environment and receive direction from an experienced department head and the intern coordinator.

If you are interested in learning about what it takes to run an institution like The Joyce, please check your eligibility and submit your application to join us.

Number of internships available: 2 2


  • This opportunity is available to college and graduate level students who, at the time of the internship, are enrolled in a degree, certificate, or diploma program and eligible to work for pay in the United States outside of an academic environment.
  • Have support from his/her academic advisor.
  • Submit a Statement of Professional Interest addressing your desire to intern at The Joyce.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a professor.

Submit documents on or before February 15, 2016 email to: No phone calls please.

We ask that you send a cover letter, describing your background and skills, particularly those that relate to your administrative area(s) of interest, as well as the time (months, days of week, number of hours, etc.) that you are available for an internship, along with a current résumé.

The Joyce Theater Foundation does not discriminate on grounds of race, creed, sex, age, marital status, condition of handicap, or national origin of any applicant.