Lance Werth: Classic Film History

Lance WerthLance Werth
Classic Film History
B.A. anticipated June 2014, Summa cum Laude
Home College: Hunter
Mentor: Prof. Joe McElhaney, Film, Hunter
Dean’s List

At 18, Lance Werth moved to NYC from a small town in Kansas to begin a career in the entertainment business. By day he waited tables and did market research for cable television; at night, he pursued comedic acting and writing and studied with Gotham City Improv. He wrote screenplays, theatre plays, starred in a few Off-Broadway shows and even performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival. Although not in school, he read voraciously, with a particular interest in films from the 1940s and 50s.

In 2000, he landed a job as an executive assistant at SHOWTIME Networks, assisting SVPs and VPs in business development, programming and scheduling. Six years later, an opportunity arose for him to become a supervisor of program planning and scheduling there. For the first time, he questioned the uncertain life of an actor and, although proud of his performance work, decided to accept the position. Shortly after, he discovered CUNY BA, and said “With this unique program, I can design a concentration in Classic Film History that will focus on the interrelation of the history of film with American culture. This will not only advance my career as an entertainment executive, but bring me a step closer to achieving my goal of sharing my passion and knowledge of classic Hollywood films with students in the U.S. and abroad.”

Recently, Werth was promoted to Director of Program Planning and Scheduling for SHOWTIME. He schedules and plans SHOWTIME’s broadband service, SHOWTIME Anytime, and plans and schedules theatrical and original series programming across SHOWTIME’s multiple platforms. In 2011 he was a team leader in the design of new scheduling software, working with developers to create a system that would function across departments and increase scheduling and planning productivity and flexibility.

Werth had earlier completed 9 credits in Kansas at Barton County Community College; he entered Borough of Manhattan Community College in 2007 and was soon taking courses at Hunter. He works full-time but has been diligent about completing two courses every semester, always earning A and A+ grades. In 2013 he completed his honors paper Uncanny Sisterhood: The Female Gothic Films of the ’60’s and ’70’s. He received 15 life experience credits for his work in screenwriting, playwriting and musicianship. Despite his busy schedule, he was an active student representative on the University Committee on the Baccalaureate, CUNY BA’s governing board.

Werth plans to continue his profession as a television executive while writing articles, plays and books inspired by Hollywood history.