Leta Davis: International Management/Human Resources

Leta Davis

International Management/Human Resources

B.S., June 2010

Home College:  Baruch

Harriet Brows Scholarship for Social Change

Dean’s List

Leta Davis spent her teenage years in Washington, D.C., where she gained an appreciation for the inner workings of government. Her father was an official at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, working directly under current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Their different opinions made for frequent conversation at the dinner table, and Davis developed a sense for the importance of compromise and character in governmental relationships. Later, she lived for several years in Europe, based in Berlin, Germany, where she worked for various State Theaters as a choreographer and actor, owned and operated a bar/restaurant/music venue, narrated English voiceovers for T.V. documentaries, and directed a gospel choir. Her desire to continue to travel and live in other countries led her to an interest in a degree involving international affairs.

Davis started college in 1981 at the Community College of Allegheny and earned an Associate’s degree in Writing and Literature at Borough of Manhattan Community College in 2008.

Her University-wide Bachelor’s degree was done under the direction of Prof. James Cohen, Public Management, John Jay College and was constructed with courses in Communications, Government, Political Science, Management and Public Administration at Baruch, City and John Jay Colleges. She included an internship with The Partnership for the Homelessness and a practicum as well, about which she writes:  “The Partnership for the Homelessness has the stated goal of ending homelessness by the year 2020. As a part of the strategy to achieve this herculean goal, they must seek knowledge from all manner of experts. My assignment as an Economic Policy Intern was to prepare a list of candidates to sit as panelists and share their expertise, thus engaging them in the process. I researched people in several categories including: unemployment, job training, education, food stamps and childcare. I located over 150 potential panel candidates. To meet our goal, The Partnership must also dialogue with politicians. My responsibility in the second part of the internship is now in a political policy capacity. I must research all of the New York politicians, and determine which ones will be most qualified and amiable to assist with our issues. This includes making assessments based on the policy and legislative decisions of all city and state politicians.”

“I am also doing a practium with an international organization called World Faith. This non-governmental organization has a decentralized structure with established chapters in New York, North Carolina, Egypt, Sudan, India and Lebanon, thus far. Their purpose is to counter religious extremism and strife by creating opportunities for young people of all faiths, creeds and colors to participate in community service, education and cultural exchange programs. I serve the organization in a grant writing capacity. I research foundations and enter the pertinent information into the agency’s database. I have also written letters of inquiry and created a calendar to document the grant request deadlines of potential donors. This internship has given me the chance to learn about grant writing from the ground up.”

Davis says her future plans include going to law school for the J.D. and to graduate school for a masters. She wants to go into the non-profit field, to focus on social issues. She hopes to work with international NGOs and perhaps someday to start an organization of her own; she is particularly interested in economic and cultural development in impoverished areas of the world. She adds “I have enjoyed my participation with CUNY Baccalaureate immensely.  I have taken classes on 5 campuses, and I have been able to take a graduate course in Human Resources at City College this semester. I am proud to be able to graduate with a double major in one year, with a comprehensive program that is interdisciplinary and interesting. I worked with three professors and my academic adviser to choose my classes, and could not be more pleased with the result.”