Mentor Profile: Professor Haydee Salmun

Professor Haydee Salmun, Associate Professor, Geography, at Hunter College has research interests in impact of land-surface heterogeneities, and associated dynamical processes, on climate and climate variability; and the application of boundary layer flows and boundary mixing theories to transport of tracers, particulates in suspension and pollutants in aquatic environments such as estuaries.  Her current projects include Impact of Land Surface Heterogeneities on Climate Pollution and Aquatic Environments; she teaches PGEOG 130 – Weather and Climate, PGEOG 250 – Earth Systems Science I, PGEOG 251 – Earth Systems Science II, PGEOG 393.39 – Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, GEOL 180 – Introduction to Oceanography, EES 717 – Earth Systems Science II (graduate level), and has several other courses in development.