Mentor Profile: Professor Mohamed Ibrahim

Professor Mohamed Ibrahim, Assistant Professor of Geography, Hunter College. Prof. Ibrahim’s interests include international development, resource management and environmental studies. Within the area of international development his research focuses on drinking water management, the development of governmental policies on pastoral nomads, and the effect of globalization on small farmers and pastoral nomads. Prof. Ibrahim’s interest also includes the new field of investigation into “cultural climatology”. This field investigates the knowledge of weather and climate by resource users in the developing world and how they use their knowledge in agricultural production. He presented the findings of research in this field in several AAG annual meetings and wrote three papers, two of which were sent to peer reviewed journals. Prof. Ibrahim teaches People and the Environment; a regional course in the Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa; specialized courses on rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene education; and Geography of Sustainable Development in the Developing World at both the graduate undergraduate levels. In addition he teaches a graduate-level course in Research Topics in Geography.  He holds degrees from the University of Alberta (Canada) and the University of Khartoum (Sudan).