Michael Allamby: Accountancy / Speculation and Economic Studies

Michael Allamby
Accountancy / Speculation and Economic Studies
B.S. June 2013
Home College:  College of Staten Island
Faculty Mentors: Profs. Jonathan Peters and Barry Martin, Business, College of Staten Island
Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship
Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society

Michael Allamby is a 2013 B.S. graduate from CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies.  He had dual areas of concentration in Accountancy and Speculation and Economic Studies.  But Michael Allamby is much more than a numbers guy.

At the College of Staten Island (CSI) he served as student government president during his senior year.  During his presidency, Allamby advocated for the recognition of Greek Life at CSI.  He advocated for the CUNY-wide tobacco ban to be amended at CSI, a 204 acre campus where a complete ban meant staff, students, and faculty having to walk 20-30 minutes away to smoke; he sought to have designated smoking areas on campus established.  During the same year, he was founder and chief financial officer for a human rights group called the Banshee Association.Michael Allamby

Before he was awarded the opportunity to represent the student body, Allamby founded the Business Innovation Club which took field trips to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York Stock Exchange.  The club hosted various workshops throughout the year to help students foster soft skills such as networking, relationship management and written/verbal communication etiquette, to name a few.  While serving as club president, he interned for a boutique trading firm on Staten Island for two years where he learned how to trade equity derivatives and eventually future contracts.

Due to the experience he gained from trading for the firm, coupled with the unique academic experience granted to him by CUNY BA, he was able to receive an internship offer from Switzerland investment bank UBS within their securities division.

The experience he gained at UBS was nothing short of amazing.  He interned alongside students from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and several other top schools from across the nation.  He was able to meet world-renowned hedge fund managers.  And most importantly he learned the real importance of an unwavering work ethic, competence and meaningful social interaction.  He also made significant contributions as an intern, creating an “economic heat map,” which profiled nine countries and helped traders to gauge global economic sentiment, and researching the feasibility of providing structured credit products to retail investors seeking higher yielding investments.Michael Allamby3

He held other internships during college which included more work in trading as well as tax preparation.

Allamby is currently working on building his own wine brand.  “I came up with the idea to start a wine company after realizing that my friends associated prestige, celebration and success with champagne and imported wines.  I did some research and found out that New York is second behind California in grape production.  I wondered why New York didn’t have a well-known, topshelf wine.  I decided to create a wine company after spending a few short years attending night clubs and lounges and witnessing club-goers paying insane mark-ups for wines and champagnes made outside of America.

“Our wine comes from a local winery on Staten Island.  The grapes are Brachetto.  It’s a sweet dark red sparkling wine and a great alternative to  Moscato and sweet Riesling.  The name of the brand is New Am, short for New Amsterdam.  I currently sell it to people within my network.  I will have my second set of bottles ready towards the end of August.  I intend to work with artists and gallery owners, within the metro area, to sell the wine at their events.”

Eventually Allamby plans to work for a hedge fund or proprietary trading firm.