Tyler Alterman: Senior Honors Thesis, “The Think Tank”

I’m a CUNY BA and working with my mentor on my senior honors thesis. The project, for which I’ve been fundraising, is a cognitive science lab-on-wheels and education station dubbed “The Think Tank.” With the help of artists and researchers from my lab, I’ll be transforming a recycled box truck into a metaphorical (and literal!) vehicle for spreading cog sci literacy at schools and along sidewalks. It will be a bit like the successful Biobus, but focused on educating the public about the methods used in the behavioral and brain sciences.

The project has been lucky enough to be featured by a number of press outlets, such as Wired. Leading up to Brain Week, I’ve also been asked to write a piece for Nature featuring my conversations about cog sci & public engagement with Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, Steven Pinker, Dan Ariely, and several others.

The Think Tank is still in the fundraising process and I have 13 more days, to reach my $10,900 goal. With 80+ backers so far, I’d be thrilled to earn support from the CUNY psych and neuroscience community–especially since they’ve helped get me to where I am today. So far, the donation page has been highlighted on the CUNY homepage

For more info on the project, dubbed “The Think Tank,” here is the  fundraiser page: http://igg.me/at/cogscionwheels. If you like science education, art-science collaborations, or brains, consider joining the 60+ others by donating!

If you don’t like any of those things, *please share the link* with someone
who does!

Tyler Alterman, CUNY BA/Macaulay Honors/Hunter College, Cognitive Science / Communications Design