William Lorenzo: Cinema Studies / Elements of Mathematics

Wwilliam lorenzoilliam Lorenzo
Cinema Studies / Elements of Mathematics
Faculty Mentors: Profs. Paula Massood, Film and Laurel Cooley, Mathematics, Brooklyn
Home College: Brooklyn/Macaulay

What are your academic goals in CUNY Baccalaureate?

My two areas of concentration are Cinema Studies and the Elements of Mathematics. Both areas encompass all of the specific concentrations of math (i.e., pure, theoretical, and applied) and film (i.e., studies, screenwriting, production). My plan is to take a wide selection of courses from within these majors in order to provide me with enough insight for possible career choices once I obtain my Master’s degree.

I have been taking courses at other CUNY campuses, in addition to my home college of Brooklyn — at Queens, Baruch, and SPS. By doing this, I hope to meet a variety of faculty members who might be able to guide me towards a possible career path. During the next intersession, I hope to take an Italian cinema studies course in either Florence or Rome. I will also take both of the independent study/research courses associated with both areas of concentration, and plan to write the honors thesis associated with at least one of the two majors. I also plan to participate in internships in both of my areas of concentration. I am applying for an internship with the film department at the Museum of Modern Art, which will take place this summer, if I am accepted. At the same time, I plan on finding an internship in a field related to my studies in mathematics. I have submitted an abstract for two papers, which will be presented at the Northeast Regional Honors Council academic conference in April 2014.

Hopefully, all of these courses, independent studies, and internships, coupled with my networking across the CUNY faculty, will help me decide which career path I plan to pursue after graduate school. Upon the recommendation of my mentor, I have joined the Mathematical Association of America. I have also joined the American Film Institute and The Society for Cinema and Media Studies in order to learn more about careers in these fields.

What are your plans after receiving your degree?

First, I will make a decision on which area of concentration to focus on. Since there is no way to combine my two areas of concentration, after getting my Bachelor’s degree, I will decide whether I should pursue cinema studies or mathematics. Whichever I choose, I plan to further my study in my chosen field by pursuing a graduate degree.

Since I plan on continuing my education in NYC, I will most likely pursue my Master’s at the CUNY Graduate Center. I will either go for an MA in Mathematics or an MALS in Film Studies. Since Brooklyn College is joining forces with Steiner Studios and opening a graduate school of cinema in the Fall of 2014, this also may be another opportunity for me to get an MA in Cinema Studies from there. I would like to take a graduate film and/or math course from both the grad center and the new BC/Steiner school when it opens to get a feel for both institutions. I have already taken a graduate film studies course at Queens (Studies in Italian Cinema), and I prefer the intellectual acuity of a graduate course. Between the faculty connections I will make across CUNY while pursuing my Bachelor’s and the faculty connections I will make pursuing my Master’s, I will then make a decision on which career path to choose. Most careers associated with mathematics or cinema studies also require a PhD, which I will also pursue.