Coincidental or Intentional?

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Taci's BeytiBecause the temperature dropped to 36 degrees this morning I was forced into wearing a heavier coat than usual so I decided on a leather jacket I had not worn for a while. When I dug my hand into a pocket I pulled out a menu from a Turkish restaurant, Taci’s Beyti, on Coney Island Avenue, where my wife and I had dinner with her colleague, Sharona Levy, two years ago in October 2013! Everyone has found lots of forgotten items in pockets, so this alone was not surprising. Yet, in this case, what was a bit shocking is that I had been thinking, for whatever reason, about this dinner and could not remember the name of the restaurant. So, I wonder if my selecting this particular jacket this morning was not simply accidental but that my subconscious remembered I had worn it that evening? The mind is mysterious.

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