Why Classroom Experience is Not Simply Conveying Information

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CollegeLectureI am presently reading Richard Dawkins’ memoir, An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist (2013). He is a British evolutionary biologist, an outspoken atheist and a popular writer. In discussing his experiences as a student at Baillol College at the University of Oxford, he writes:
“The purpose of a lecture should not be to impart information. There are books, libraries, nowadays the internet, for that. A lecture should inspire and provoke thought… A good lecturer thinking aloud, reflecting, musing, rephrasing for clarity, hesitating and then grasping, varying the pace, pausing for thought, can be a role model in how to think about a subject and how to transmit a passion for it. If a lecturer drones information as though reading it, the audience might as well read it – possibly in the lecturer’s own book” (page 155).

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