To arrange to register for permit courses (CUNY courses taken outside of your home college) follow these steps.  Note that “Final Approval” on the E-Permit does not mean you are registered for the course; see final section below.

In broad strokes:  You submit the E-Permit, it is approved through various channels, you will be billed by your home college, you will register for the courses at the permit (host) college.

CUNY Baccalaureate does not administer the E-Permit system.  If you have problems with E-Permit, contact the information resources Help Desk at your home college.

We recommending printing this page so you can follow the steps below while on the E-Permit system.

Getting Started

  • Log on to At the top navigation bar all the way to the right (after the Search box) click on “Portal Log In.”  If you do not already have an account, you will have to register for one.  (It takes one full business day for CUNY to create your account.)
  • When you have your account, log into the CUNY Portal on that same page,
  • In the left column, called Applications/Resources, click on “ePermit.” You will arrive on a page of lengthy instructions, most of which do not pertain to CUNY Baccalaureate students.
  • Click on “Create New Permit.”

Next Steps

  • Your personal profile will appear.  Make sure that it is correct.  Update incorrect information (if you cannot, contact your home college registrar’s office).
  • Next, choose your degree level (undergraduate), select the host college, and check “Yes,” that you certify the information is correct.
  • Click on the circle next to CUNYBA: Unique & Interdisc Stud.  On the next line, choose the intended semester.
  • CUNY BA students do not need to identify equivalent courses, so: Select – I do not need an Equivalent Course.  When asked if this course will fulfill a general or major requirement – select general education requirement.
  • Click on “Schedule of Courses” (if you need that information) OR click on “Select Host College Course.”  Choose undergraduate or graduate courses.  Then select the department, then the actual course.
  • Please submit permits for no more than 18 credits at one time.  If you want to submit additional permits, please cancel out prior permits so the overall number of permit credits requested is kept to 18 credits.

Graduate Courses, Independent Study, Internships, Study Abroad, & School of Professional Studies

  • For CUNY Baccalaureate to approve your request for a graduate-level course, you must have at least a 3.0 GPA overall and no incompletes, and your area of concentration form must have already been approved.  You must email the CUNY BA Academic Director, asking for permission and providing him with written approval from graduate department or the professor teaching the class. There may be additional rules governing graduate courses at the colleges.  Also: graduate courses taken for an undergraduate degree cannot ordinarily be applied later to a graduate degree.
  • Students who have gotten prior approval from a faculty member for an independent study or internship should include these details in the “Comments to Approvers” box.
  • If you are registering for study abroad via E-Permit, you are responsible for making sure that the specific courses you plan to take will transfer back to the host college. Note that in most cases, courses will transfer back with “CR” grades, not actual letter grades. (This is not a problem for CUNY BA.)
  • Note that all courses offered through the School of Professional Studies are listed under the Online Baccalaureate (including regular classroom courses that are not part of the Online degree)
  • CUNY BA students taking courses at the Graduate Center should request network accounts by filling out an “Account Request Form” at the Graduate Center help desk, for access to GC computers and printing.
  • After completing Graduate Center courses, students are responsible for having the Graduate Center send official transcripts to their home colleges for financial aid purposes.  There is no charge to request a transcript be sent from one CUNY school to another.

Submit for Approval; How to Actually Register

  • Click on “Submit for Approval.”
  • Follow the same steps again for additional courses.
  • Your permit request goes to your home college, then to the CUNY Baccalaureate office for our certification of your class status (e.g., upper junior, lower senior, etc.).
  • Final approval does not mean that you are registered for the permit course.  You must receive an appointment from the host college and then register and pay for the permit course(s). Students will see an enrollment option for the permit college appear in their CUNYfirst account once the permit is received and processed by the host college.
  • Register with the host college as soon as you get your registration appointment.  Pay for the permit credits at your home college as soon as the payment period opens (you do not have to pay before you register at the host college).  Keep a copy of your payment receipt.
  • If you do not register for a course that has been approved,  you must cancel your E-Permit request.  If you registered and then you decide to drop the E-Permit course, you must drop the course at the host college by the stated drop deadline AND also cancel the E-Permit request; also see your home college for any refund you may be due.

CUNY BA and Registering on Permit – University Standards

CUNY BA students are pursuing interdisciplinary or otherwise unique, individualized University-wide degrees.  Accordingly, listed below are a few standard rules concerning CUNY BA students and epermits:

*Students are not required to have course equivalencies for classes they want to take on permit.

*E-Permits from CUNY BA students do not require faculty approval; only approval from the CUNY BA office is required.

*CUNY BA students do not need to meet the home college’s minimum criteria for E-Permits (i.e., one semester completed at the college, or a certain GPA.)

*Students are allowed to take independent study courses, internship credits and study abroad credits at their home college as well as at a permit college.

* Students can register for graduate courses.

* CUNY BA students should be scheduled for registration appointments with the host college’s peer group (i.e., upper senior, lower senior, etc.)

*Each semester, a roster of CUNY BA students is sent to each home college.  However, some CUNY BA students may not be coded correctly.  College staff should check with the CUNY BA office before rejecting the epermit, specifically, Karen Miller, Senior Registrar,; 212-817-8227.

Taking Non-CUNY Courses

Students may take courses at colleges outside of CUNY toward their CUNY BA degree. Those colleges must be either regionally accredited or accredited by the New York State Department of Education. Courses taken at non-CUNY colleges for Areas of Concentration must be approved in advance by the faculty mentor and the program’s Academic Director. Students must attain grades of “C” or better to transfer non-CUNY courses into the program. Non-CUNY courses will appear on the CUNY BA transcript as “Non-CUNY College” and with grades of “CR” (“credit”). Students are responsible for registering at the non-CUNY school, paying tuition there, submitting the course information on the CUNY BA registration forms, and arranging to have transcripts sent back to the program at the end of the semester. (Students must also remember that they are responsible for satisfying their 30 CUNY credit residency requirement and that non-CUNY college credit obviously does not satisfy any part of the residency requirement.)