To register for courses:

  1. Log on to Log on to At the top navigation bar all the way to the right (after the Search box) click on “Portal Log In.” You will have to create an account if you have not already. It takes one full business day for CUNY to create your account. When you have your account, log into the CUNY Portal on that same page.
  2. When you log in, Click on the eSIMS link in the SSO option box on “MY PAGE.” The eSIMS welcome screen from your home college will appear.
  3. To select a host or permit campus, go to your Portal Profile.
  4. Select Modify.
  5. Select the college you want to register for.
  6. Modify the profile and go back to the eSIMS page. You should now be in the eSIMS page for the host college and be able to register for the course(s) you want. Remember, to change your profile back to your Home College to access information regarding your home registration and bill.
  7. For Registration, click on the Registration sidebar menu button.
  8. Enter the courses you would like to take.
  9. Press the ADD button.
  10. eSims will attempt to process your selection. Any problems will return with a message as to the nature of the problem. Courses for which you have successfully registered will appear as currently registered.

Please note that some CUNY campuses are now using CUNY First; registration processes will differ for these schools and you should follow the instructions you receive from the host college in question.