“CUNY BA allows you to build your dream future by designing your ultimate BA.” –
Galit Felner, Organizational Behavior


CUNY BA offers students the opportunity to design interdisciplinary (or otherwise unique or specialized) Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees in which they are able to integrate different disciplines into single concentrations. It’s not a double major, it’s not a major-minor combination. It is a way of integrating different areas of knowledge into a solid interdisciplinary degree.

One principle behind CUNY BA — and interdisciplinary studies in general — is that the complex problems of today require thinking that is informed by the study of multiple disciplines. A musician, for example, is assisted when she or he has an understanding of mathematics, science, poetry, and of course, music theory. An environmental educator is assisted when she or he has studied not only environmental science, but also educational theory, leadership theory, geography, statistics, etc.

Two oft-asked questions of potential CUNY BA students are:

1) Will I be able to get into graduate school with this degree?


2) Will I be able to get a job with this degree?

Here is some guidance:

Graduate School

Just over half of all CUNY BA graduates have gone on to graduate education (about half of those have attended a CUNY graduate program). Almost 100% of our alumni in graduate studies say their CUNY BA education adequately prepared them for graduate school; in many cases, their specialized areas of concentration coupled with their ability to work independently and with faculty gave them an edge over the competition. The majority report being accepted to all or almost all of the graduate programs to which they applied, often with generous financial assistance and prestigious scholarships.

Note that a 50%+ rate of students going on to graduate education is higher than the national average, where 40% of BA/BS completers go on to graduate school.


Don’t shy away from a self-designed interdisciplinary degree because of concerns it will not lead to a job! In alumni surveys, conducted annually, approximately 80% of graduates report that they hold jobs in fields related to their areas of concentration. More than half report receiving promotions or raises in their current positions or starting new careers upon earning the degree.

The nature of the CUNY BA degree allows students to leverage their academic choices in order to obtain their dream jobs.