The concentration in Middle Eastern Studies provides an opportunity for students to take advantage of the rich resources and numerous specialists in the Middle East and North Africa at CUNY campuses across the five boroughs. Students in the program learn a Middle Eastern language and gain an understanding of the region through a wide selection of courses in anthropology, geography, Islamic and Judaic studies, history, political science, religion, sociology, literature, art and music. In addition, students can participate in CUNY-affiliated study abroad programs and supplement their coursework with independent study or fieldwork. The CUNY BA/BS in Middle Eastern Studies, in collaboration with the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) at the CUNY Graduate Center, offers a choice of three concentrations: History, Politics, and Society; Art, Literature, and Culture; and Islamic Studies. Other concentrations are possible. As with all CUNY BA/BS concentrations, students work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to devise a particular course of study, which may be organized around their own specialized interests.

Examples of Middle Eastern Studies Areas of Concentration completed by CUNY BA/BS students:

Middle Eastern Studies

Hunter   Anth 400   Ethnology of the Middle East

Hunter   Hist 276.51   Middle East from 1500 to the Present

Hunter   Pol 372.62   Palestine and Israel

Queens   Anth 249   Prehistory of the Near East

Queens   Arab 260   Revival and Reform Movements in Islam

Queens   Hist 392   Place, Travel and Self in the Middle East

Queens   MES 250   Literatures of the Islamic World

Queens   Pol 260   Middle East and World Politics

International Relations in the Middle East

Hunter  GEOG 335   International Pollution Issues

Hunter P SC 273   Jihadist Movement

Hunter  P SC 272   Model United Nations

Hunter P SC 273   Model United Nations

Hunter  P SC 272   Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

Hunter  P SC 217   Media and Politics

Hunter  P SC 272   Islamic Resurgence

Hunter  P SC 272   Palestine and Israel