Registering and Transferring Credit

If you are studying abroad with a CUNY program where you register for actual CUNY classes at one of the colleges then you can register using eSIMS and/or e-permit. If you are doing a program through CUNY or outside of CUNY where you take classes at a foreign institution and you get credit on a foreign transcript then you will need to have that credit evaluated by either your home college, using a non-CUNY permit form, or through WES (World Educational Services). Make sure you talk to your advisor before you apply.

We ask that all students consult with their academic advisors to ensure that their plans for studying abroad are reasonable, that they are registered correctly and that their credits will be transferable.

Any student studying abroad independently or on a non-CUNY program must work with CUNY Baccalaureate Staff to ensure that they are in compliance with the CUNY International Travel Guidelines and that as part of those requirements they are appropriately insured.