When CUNY Baccalaureate was established by a Resolution of the University on February 22, 1971, that Resolution set up the following governance structure.

The governing body for CUNY Baccalaureate is a University Committee that advises the Academic Director on the administration, coordination, and development of the program. The faculty members of this committee are responsible for: recommending the awarding of degrees to the CUNY Board of Trustees; approving, auditing, and certifying the academic policies and procedures governing the program; and overseeing student appeals on programmatic policies, and procedures.

The University Committee is composed of faculty, administrators, and students. The membership of the Committee is:

  • the President of The Graduate Center or his/her designee
  • the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or his/her designee
  • a CUNY college president chosen by the Council of Presidents for a one-year term, or his/her designee
  • six faculty members and two alternates from different colleges and different disciplines chosen by the University Faculty Senate for staggered (two) three-year terms
  • five CUNY Baccalaureate students nominated by the Academic Director and approved by the University Student Senate for one-year terms.

Students interested in serving on this Committee should contact the Academic Director. Each academic year, the University Committee elects a chairperson from among the Committee’s faculty members.

Faculty Members

Prof. Nancy Aries
Baruch College
Public Affairs; Acting Director Baruch Honors Program

Prof. Margaret Carroll (Chair, 2013-14)
Medgar Evers College

Prof. Patricia Licklider
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Prof. Paula Massood
Brooklyn College

Prof. Joanne Spurza
Hunter College

Prof. Ying Zhu
Media Culture
College of Staten Island

Prof. Patrick O’Halloran
New York City College of Technology
Hospitality Management

Prof. Daniel Kabat
Lehman College
Physics and Astronomy

Prof. Kevin Foster
City College

Administration Members

Dr. Terrence Martell (Ex Officio)
Chair, University Faculty Senate

Dr. Julia Wrigley
Acting Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
: Dr. Lucinda Zoe
University Dean for Academic Initiatives

Dr. Chase Robinson
Interim President of The Graduate Center
Designee: Dr. Mario Kelly
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The Graduate Center

Dr. Ann Kirschner
University Dean, Macaulay Honors College
Designee: Dr. Joseph Ugoretz
Associate Dean, Macaulay Honors College

Student Members

Ms. Ilana Gelb, Baruch College

Mr. Lance Werth, Hunter College

Ms. Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Brooklyn College

Ms. Kelly Giles, Brooklyn College

Mr. Khaair Morrison, Hunter College

Ms. Pennell Somsen, City College

Dates, times, locations for 2013-14 meetings:

2:30 pm-4:30 pm Friday 10/04/13 (room 8400, Grad Center)

2:30 pm-4:30 pm Friday 12/06/13 (room 8400, Grad Center)

2:30 pm-4:30 pm Friday 03/07/14 (room 8402, Grad Center)

2:30 pm-4:30 pm Friday 05/02/14 (room 8402, Grad Center)