Albany Internship Programs

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The Assembly Session Internship is a comprehensive academic program which gives qualified students the chance to work in the New York State Assembly. The program is not just for political science majors.

Session and Graduate Internship Programs- Open To All Majors

To be eligible, applicants who meet the required internship hours must be: Undergraduate students who are full-time juniors and seniors matriculated in a college degree program or graduate students or applicants who recently completed a graduate degree program.

Earn While You Learn:
$6,200 Stipend – Undergraduate Session Interns
$15,000 Stipend – Graduate Scholars
A Full Semester’s Credit for Undergraduates

Please see links to the two Albany-based internship programs in the NYS Legislature—Assembly and Senate:

NYS Assembly:

NYS Senate:

Please note that BOTH Albany-based internship programs have increased their award amounts, to $6,200!

CUNY will continue to provide a supplemental award to any award-eligible student who is selected and confirmed in the Assembly or Senate. The exact amount of the supplemental award will be fixed once all participant numbers are confirmed in both Albany programs. Nevertheless, all award-eligible CUNY students will see a handsome increase in their 2019 award totals!