CUNY BA Students to Receive 25K from Zahn Center

From CUNY BA students, Mahmoud Khedr and Khandker Ahamed:


Khandker and Mahmoud wanted to share an update about a company they started together called FloraMind. They educate teenagers in mental health and well-being through workshops and a digital platform so they can flourish academically and beyond.

CUNY BA - Mahmoud Khedr and Khandker Ahamed - FloraMind

In their own words:

“We have been competing in the Zahn Innovation Center competition and business incubator this year, and we won first place for our work with FloraMind. We received $25,000 in funding for our company and we’re excited about taking it to the next level.”

What is FloraMind? 


FloraMind develops the tools to educate, empower, and guide teenagers towards positive mental health and well-being.

Our materials are based on cutting edge research in the fields of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving using design thinking, and stress management. Our content revolves around knowledge of symptoms, self-care methods, and resources to reach out to mental health professionals.

Our digital platform is based on personalization of video content and interactive exercises that will provide an effective learning experience.


“We wanted to share this news, because we both agree that we credit CUNY BA for allowing us the flexibility to design our course-load and degree, which allowed us to work more on what we love: FloraMind. If it wasn’t for CUNY BA, we are not sure we would’ve accomplished what we did this semester.”

“So, thank you!  We appreciate your work and hope to continue getting involved in the CUNY BA community, and eventually become engaged alumni in the program.”