Graduate Center: M.A. in Digital Humanities and M.S. in Data Analysis and Visualization

Please see an announcement about two new Master’s programs from the CUNY Graduate Center:

M.A. Digital Humanities Program 

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The *M.A. in Digital Humanities* program ( provides students with both the practical skills and the humanistic knowledge needed to work on digital humanities-related projects in universities, libraries, museums, and the non-profit sector. We offer three areas of study: textual analysis, data visualization and mapping, and digital pedagogy. In our program, students learn to think critically about digital platforms as they begin to use them. Our students gain programming skills in the context of their digital projects, with the support of a large community of fellow practitioners behind them. The program includes an optional internship course that offers valuable experience in applying DH skills in a professional context. Throughout their coursework, both within the program and through their elective courses taken throughout the Graduate Center’s rich offerings, students balance critical study of technology with substantive study of humanities subjects.
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M.S. in Data Analysis and Visualization* program

The *M.S. in Data Analysis and Visualization* program ( ) allows students to better understand how data operates in society and how it can be curated and presented. We offer three areas of study: data analysis, data visualization, and data studies. Across all of these classes, we move from fundamental concepts and methods to more advanced methods. We focus on analyzing real-world datasets and creating effective and engaging visualizations. Coursework will help students understand longer historical trends that drive the adoption of computers, networks, and data analysis in a society, and this will help them to anticipate future trends. Graduates will be able to work in the industry (data analysis, data and information visualization) or to pursue doctoral studies in a range of related disciplines.
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