Workshop on CUNY BA at the United Nations

UN DPI/ NGO Conference - August 2018On August 23, 2018,  CUNY BA Academic Advisor, Rafal Szczurowski, conducted a workshop on interdisciplinary studies and experiential learning at the 67th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference. Among his panelists was CUNY BA alumnus, Joseph Hill, speaking about his time in Puerto Rico with CUNY Service Corps.

Pursuant to the SDG 4 and the Gyeongju Action Plan, the workshop examined the role of engaged education programs, including service and experiential learning, interdisciplinary studies, and intercultural exchanges in enhancing global citizenship. The workshop introduced case studies, comparative analysis as well as quantitative and qualitative research to demonstrate the impact of engaged education on youth leadership.

Engaged education is teaching and learning to bring students, universities, and communities across the globe to share practices, experiences, and knowledge. Experiential learning is learning through experience by combining in-class instructions with practical activities.

The workshop determined that civic-oriented programs contribute to youth engagement by promoting leadership skills and teaching the importance of inclusion. The workshop also demonstrated that student and youth engagement in public service benefits all parties involved. This engagement constitutes the core of an experiential learning model where students, educators, and youth interact with diverse constituencies in community-based organizations learning about and working on social and civic agenda.

CUNY BA at the UN
From left: Manzura Rakhimova, Maria Rodriguez Ferreno, Joseph Hill, Anie Deng, and Rafal Szczurowski