Established in 1971, The City University of New York Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly the CUNY Baccalaureate Program) provides students with a flexible, academically challenging way to earn their degree while giving them a major share of the responsibility for the content of that degree.

The program has three goals:

  1. to encourage students to take advantage of the extraordinary resources and learning opportunities available at the City University’s 18 colleges and at The Graduate Center;
  2. to allow self-directed, academically able students to design an individualized program of study that complements their academic, professional, and personal goals; and
  3. to foster intellectual exploration and responsible educational innovation.

“I chose CUNY BA because I wanted to create my own major and be able to travel to different campuses and be in the best classes with the best professors. This is the perfect program for me. I have taken several classes with my mentor and expect to continue working closely with her on my writing even after I graduate. In my first semester I told people I was getting the equivalent of a Harvard education for $6000/year. I was wrong. I am getting a better-than-Harvard education.”
— Pennell Somsen, Latin American Literature